Jackie's Journey

Jackie's Journey
Word Count: 3,477
Fantasy Erotic Lesbian

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Blurb: Jackie has had enough. She's tired of living the life that she is expected to live. She wants to be accepted for who she is and not what she should be. Dominique has spent her life alone and is desperate for someone to love her. Feared by most, she stay secluded in her castle home, waiting and wanting. Will this unlikely pair find everything they have longed for in each other's arms? Or will they be left forever searching?
Excerpt: The woman stopped near a bench and sat with her back to Jackie. Like an aphrodisiac, the scent of orchids drifted on the breeze.

“I know you come to my garden every day and watch me from your hiding place.” The woman pulled her long hair to the side revealing the graceful line of her neck. “Perhaps you hide because you are as lonely as I am.”

Lonely? No woman as beautiful as she could possibly be lonely, and if so, it must be by choice. As if she had read Jackie’s thoughts the woman spoke again.

*This title was previously released with another publisher*