The Switch

The Switch
Word Count:  2,625
Contemporary BDSM Erotica

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Blurb: Carla and Pete are together now. Her role as a paid sexual slave has taken a totally new turn. And she is ejoying the new role more than she thought she would.

Excerpt: Carla stepped away from the window and entered the foyer. She knew what he needed…what he
wanted. It was her job to give it to him. 
A slow smile tugged at the corners of her ruby red lips as the knob twisted. Fuck, she loved her job.
“You’re late,” she barked while he pushed open the door and entered the small entryway. 
His chin immediately dropped to his chest and his briefcase hit the tile floor. “I’m sorry. I got hung up in
a meeting.” A dull thud sounded when he nudged the door closed with his hand.
“I don’t like excuses. You know the rules in this house, and you know what happens when one of my
rules is broken.” Excitement coursed through her. “Don’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am.” A slight nod accompanied his words.