Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Word Count: 3,978
Contemporary Erotic Romance

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Blurb: It's Sam's birthday and Alexis wants to give him a special gift. Will he take her up on it? And will their friendship change into something more?

Excerpt:  A wicked smile spread across her face as she picked up the glass and walked toward Sam. She held the shot glass out to him. “Hold this for a second.”
 not interested sign around his neck that as far as anyone knew, he hadn’t taken off all season. While part of her was thankful she didn’t have to endure watching the man she craved flaunt a relationship with another woman, another part of her cried at night and wondered why he wasn’t interested in her. Working on the same ranch was both pleasure and pain for her. She could be close to Sam every day. It was the reason their friendship had become so strong.

His strong tapered fingers wrapped around the glass as she dropped to her knees between his spread legs. “Be nice,” he warned.

“How nice do you want me to be?” She scooped up a dollop of the cream on her index finger and trailed it lightly down the ridge pressing against the front of his jeans. “Because I can be really, really nice.”

Being a close friend, Alexis could get away with her blatant sexual remarks where the other women who worked with him couldn’t. Sam wore an invisible

Birthday Boy by Calico Daniels
Reviewed by Eve

Birthday Boy is a hot little romp, cowboy style. The book’s really short so if you want a lot of scene setting, angst or background story before the main characters get down and dirty, you might want to look elsewhere.

If a quick trip down diversion lane is your thing, look no further. Birthday Boy delivers the erotic goods. Alexis in an unapologetically sensual woman. I love confident, female leads who know how to take charge and Alexis does.

Ms. Daniels definitely kept me interested throughout and I enjoyed this peek into her characters’ lives.