Inherited Slave

Inherited Slave
Word Count: 2,195
Contemporary Erotica

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Blurb: Carla signed a contract to be Jim's slave for a year. Things couldn't be better...but sometimes things change.

Excerpt: “Carla?”
Breath caught in her throat. Jim was her man. No, not just her man, her master. He owned her. She was his slave. The contract had been signed for one year and once it was over she could leave free and clear with a healthy sum of money. She had been hesitant at first to sign with a man so much older but one look at his cock had her signing on the dotted line. He got a twenty-four hour a day submissive. She got an owner with a big heart, deep pockets and the desire to pamper and punish her.
Now that was a combination she could get on board with.
She walked down the hall and poked her head into the living room. Jim relaxed in his recliner while his friend sat on the couch, his arms extended across the back.
“Yes, Sir?”
His eyes darkened as he took in her state of dress. Though he was almost forty years older than her, he had a cock that rocked her world every time he fucked her. And that was often. At least once a day. Her pussy wept as a lustful look fell over him.
“Come here.”

Inherited Slave by D.L. Shorts
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Inherited Slave is a quick and well-written story.  Carla belongs to Jim and today he decides he is going to share her. Even though the two have a deal Carla and Jim have begun to develop feelings for each other. As Carla does what is asked of her she finds herself dealing with her emotions. As hot as the sex is in this story the love shines through the pages.
I enjoyed the storyline but would have enjoyed a longer story.  It seems that as soon as I got interested in the characters the story ended. This story would have worked better as the beginning of a longer book. I would love to see what happens to Carla and the others after this story ends. D. L. Shorts is a gifted writer and I hope to see more from this author in the future.