Yearly Exam

Yearly Exam
Word Count: 2,201
Contemporary Erotica

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Blurb: Same day, different year but this time I had a new doctor. Who knew a yearly exam could be so much fun. But I have to wonder...did it really happen or was it just a fantasy?

Excerpt:  I watched him step to the sink and scrub his hands. God could this get any worse? The man was sex on a
stick. Muscles rippled under the fabric of his shirt as he methodically soaped and rinsed his hands. Dark
hairs sprinkled his tan, muscular forearms. It should be a sin for any doctor to be this hot. Especially a gynecologist. Just not fucking fair.

“Go ahead and lay back on the table.”

As I did, he draped a sheet over my lower body and gently pulled my gown up exposing my stomach. My eyes drifted shut as his spicy cologne assailed my nose. I drew a deep breath in an attempt to slow my racing pulse.

His fingers worked the skin of my abdomen. Pressing and exploring. In a doctorly way, of course, but my imagination wasn’t stopping there. No, my undersexed brain was having a field day with the strong slightly calloused fingers making their way above my belly button.